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Went to see a weblike this morning, although the seller had told me the engine was XX 54?? I thought it wasn’t a big problem, unfortunately couldn’t see a frame number and understandable he wouldn’t let me scrape away looking for one, but a few things stood out that I was too unsure of, the frame underneath the hand finished paint we’re it was worn was too new, the saddle steel work was modern with a chrome like finish , other bits I suspect like the fuel tank etc were reproduction, it did look like it some original parts on it, but it’s a catch 22 I’m buying a bitsa with replacement parts or reproduction with some original bits……

I give it a miss in the end. 

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Problem is there are reproductions.

A mix of original and repro is well possible.


Best thing is to do research on these so you know the differences befor inspectin/buying one.

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Posted (edited)

The all important engine number prefix should be XXE. (XX or XXA will be from an Autocycle)  The frame number was always a very light stamping on the front of the headstock and will  be accompanied by the inspector's stamp.

Since these can sell for £15 K or more! It's a must to do some checking first. Ron 

WLightweights 082.JPG

W frame number 555.jpg


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Thanks Ron, I had studied the related pages here regarding the engine numbers and the XXE prefix ect , if the rest was original I could go with the engine etc , but the steel work that was exposed was just too new, didn’t have that 1940’s steel look….. although am sure some parts were original. 


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