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  1. Thanks for all of the unseen work that the administrators put into keeping this forum up and running. It is appreciated by all.
  2. An artillery computer/calculator. I believe it was used for the 10.5cm Le.F.H.16. Looks like it is in very good condition.
  3. Interesting. Still wonder why there was a need to use a mic in that orientation rather than the more usual "lick the front of the lollipop" as in the No7 mic. Anyway, good spot. Regards Mike
  4. Hi PackHow75, I was puzzled by these right angled rubber thingys so had a good rummage on the internet. I found this extract from EMERs showing WS22 set up for artillery use. It looks like the right angled rubber mouthpiece is used on the microphones item 20 and 24 with the remote control units. The significance of having the mouthpiece at 90 degrees escapes me though, but can understand the need for one because of the LOUD NOISE going on. Have seen plenty of pictures of item 17 with the straight mouthpiece on the internet, but not the bent one. May also have been used in other
  5. Spotted these this morning whilst looking for something else. Advertised as NOS No19 set rubber microphone mouthpieces, box of 3, £10 BIN, postage free. The part number shown is YI ZA 12354. There are a few boxes available. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/19-SET-Microphone-Mouthpiece-Rubbers-3-PCS-in-Original-Sealed-Box-New-Old-stock/153031252241 There are also a couple of right angled 19 set rubber mouthpieces for sale at £10 for the pair. Not sure what the application was but may be in a vehicle borne set The seller also has a Larkspur headset, Larkspur microphone, Larkspur i
  6. I had to chuckle when reading your comment about the unreliability of "official" drawings, there is nothing worse than reverse engineering a design from an old drawing/illustration/photo and producing a CAD model, then comparing it against a newly found reference, only to find they disagree. Having been there myself I can well imagine the sotto voce anglo saxon mutterings that might have crossed your lips on such occasions. Coincidentally, the 75mm gun/mantlet interface has been on my list as well but for another vehicle (AEC Mk3 armoured car), so this thread has been very useful. My thanks to
  7. Spotted this one by chance. May be of use to someone restoring/owning a "heavy". No connection to seller, just passing intel FWIW. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/253411379869?rmvSB=true
  8. Hello Terry, It seems we have similar interests. My father entered boy service in the early 1940s and went on to serve in the REME until 1968. I recall him bringing a Scammell home on a couple of occasions to have a hurried snack and cup of tea before setting off on an evening recovery job. I was allowed to sit in the cab and keep watch (under dire warning not to fiddle with anything) while he had his tea and the reward was a ride down to the main road. Probably all against Queens Regulations, but it was a very long time ago. Sadly he passed away before reaching retirement and like yours,
  9. Hello everyone I joined this forum a while ago, but haven’t got round to introducingmyself, so here goes. I have recently retired and am getting older, greyer andgrumpier by the minute – but the inner child remains active. Having been in thedefence sector in an engineering role for most of my working life the odd militaryvehicle or two have crossed my path, not to mention frigates, destroyers and aircraftcarriers (when we still had some). I spent many happy hours at Chertsey havingmy fillings vibrated out on the Setts and Pavé test tracks or going throughthe gloop at long valley in FV432s an
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