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Diamond t 980-981 Hercules DFXE

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hi wwiitrucks, the crankshafts on the dfxe were a constant prolem with breakages, normally due to over revving, i had two snap over the years and when i stripped them down the journals had been straight cut, removing the curved piece on either side of the journal, in fact the bit that gives the strenth for the crank. in the fifties these engines were completely stripped down and rebuilt by reme apprentices, two of my broken cranks had the oilway redrilled and reetched about 1/2 inch further round the jounal, also remember these engines were never the best also that they are now well over 70 years old, hope of interest, tony g.

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I had a look today, and our spare engine is in rough shape, but the crank looks ok. Unfortunately, it's from one of the Diamond T wreckers and not a tank transporter though.


I might have a lead on some reconditioned engines in the US, if you're willing to go down that road.




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Hi All


l thought l would add my 2 cents worth! l cant help you guys with the crankshaft situation but l do have a fair bit of the Diamond t 980/981 parts. IE ( Nos steering Box, Major and minor injector pump repair kits, l think a set of 6 new con rods, 2 complete injector pumps, injectors ect. all for sale if l can help, to be honest l do not have a clue to half of it but l know the 969A parts very well.

Somebody to try is a guy under Hercano Engineering(put that in Google and he has a website and contact number), your after Jerry. hes in America and specializes only in old Hercules engines. when l restored my Hercules Rxc engine he had everything. Postage could be expensive from America for a DFXE crank though! hope of help.

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