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  1. Hi We have had the same issue as your self, problem was found to be inside the dizzy is a big piece of Bakelite that holds a bolt that feeds the condenser and points. we found it was juicy inside and the Bakelite had split on the back edge creating a short. Upon this we also found burnt points and rotor arm so also replaced the condenser. All is fine now and have done some miles without a cough! Worth a look at and hope it helps? Regards Michael
  2. Hi Dirk l have a box full of Federal mogul engine bearings which l believe are for the half track red diamond engine. If you are not sorted already let me know and l'll dig them out and send some part numbers up and see if they are any good. Kind regards Michael
  3. Hi Guys Just had 4 ww2 jeeps in from the states. l have sold 1 already, so there are 3 left and 1 very original jeep trailer. In various state from £4500. l understand that 1 of these jeeps is a very early Ford and these where built on Willy's Chassis. This jeep has its original data plates which match with the chassis stampings. All needing restoration. If interested contact me on 07773120050 or drop me a PM. Kind regards Peter.
  4. Sorry told you wrong, its not Hercano engineering, but Hercano propulsion!
  5. Hi In a headlight unit is two light bulb elements. To give you an idea of bulb or electrical issues have you tried switching the high beam to low beam or visa versa? If neather works then the odds are earths, thermal cutout blocks, or a dry joint? Your multimeter is the best tool to sort issues like this out, disconnect bulbs when trying to ring circuits out as this can give you false readings.
  6. Hi All l thought l would add my 2 cents worth! l cant help you guys with the crankshaft situation but l do have a fair bit of the Diamond t 980/981 parts. IE ( Nos steering Box, Major and minor injector pump repair kits, l think a set of 6 new con rods, 2 complete injector pumps, injectors ect. all for sale if l can help, to be honest l do not have a clue to half of it but l know the 969A parts very well. Somebody to try is a guy under Hercano Engineering(put that in Google and he has a website and contact number), your after Jerry. hes in America and specializes only in old Hercules engines. when l restored my Hercules Rxc engine he had everything. Postage could be expensive from America for a DFXE crank though! hope of help.
  7. Hi all Both are Wartime Fords, dated 1942 and 1943 and have there original data plates. As mentioned they are in need of full restoration. £4250 each. Regards Michael
  8. Hi Karl If your going to Totnes area and looking for a jeep resto, we have 2 that could be for sale. We are no more than 6 miles away from Totnes. If interested let me know? Regards Michael
  9. Hi all thanks for the help, it's number on the front is no165-2 and says test daly also next to the number it says warning light unit? It's a nice bit of kit, they come out of the packaging like new from yesterday!
  10. Hi All Thought l would post this up? l have at least 6 of these cut out switches in Nos boxes, they are dated 1951/1952 and have the british arrow with C.A.V marked on them. My thoughts are they look to be off a British vehicle of that period? can anyone please shed some light to what they do and what they are from? if any one needs one let me know?
  11. Hi Andy Project has certainly gone forward since l last saw it! l like the paint colour, who's is it your using?
  12. Hi Mullvane Your in luck, l have 2 left. l Take it your after the big rounround one that sits in the bell housing and butts up to the sump. If you are still after one, let me know. Michael
  13. Hi Phil Here's the pics of the one you wanted.
  14. . Hi Phil Took me a minute to dig them out, They have been blasted and painted so no rut problems with them. If interested in them, let me know? Michael
  15. Hi He's a scrap dealer in Broadhempston, Devon, He now deals with scrapped tractors and parts and still going. Kind regards Michael
  16. Hi, l have a set of 4 take off springs which come of a GPW, let me know if interested?
  17. Just read this thread, here's my penance worth, l have had dealings with a firm called (gasketstogo.com) they are a foreign company, l have ordered all sorts of gaskets in the past from small generator engines to vehicle engines, pricing is very fair and have alway come up trumps for me. It would probably help them if you could give them the old one to use as a template? regards Michael
  18. lm wetting myself. Not all no4 mark 1s went to Holland and Holland only a selected few. These rifles started as standard No.4 Mk1's that were hand picked for their above average accuracy. They were then shipped to Holland and Holland, H&H, where they were restocked, scope mounts added, and a scope fitted to the rifle.
  19. l like this collection, are they live or deac? N01 mark 4 especially with the chin piece, may of gone to Holland and Holland for its tune up in the war? have you got it, in its box? You could now go onto the Mossin Nagant? Here's a pic of ours, we test ours most weekends and it amazing how much punch they pack!
  20. Hi All I had to look into this matter, as lm 25 and want to drive my Diamond T, Like so many its an unknown area so l did the research myself and phoned the DVLA and wanted proof that my car license will cover me to drive this old lorry. Here is proof from the horses mouth to clarify this matter, Stating the vehicle must be pre1960 and unladen. Hope this helps.
  21. Hi all My Diamond T Pulled it like a steammm train! Ok, the loadwas not huge, 2.2 ton for the weasel and another 1.5 ton for the trailer. l know some will disagree,but l have second thoughts about the reputation of weak old petrol engines, lwill completely disagree with this. Yes, they are thirsty and it wasnoticeable, but for the few miles we do a year in them, l don't mind feedingthe monster, Plus you get that great gurgle from the engine. And my thoughtsare, it depends how well set up they are! All in all, l had a great weekend with the diamond and weather not to bad either. Also lifted the GMC to take a look at a rattle we had!
  22. Hi all took these pictures over the weekend, we loaded my brothers weasel on to a trailer behind my Diamond, And then set of to a local show. l didn't even know that l was towing a load behind me! Also included my mates Ward LaFrance, makes the diamond look like its little brother! :-|
  23. Hi All Is anyone on here doing this event this year? I went last year and although terrible weather, Brilliant atmosphere and a really well attended show! Forecast is looking great for this weekend so on with the beer and hog roast.:-)
  24. Great weekend with a Great set of guys! Most enjoyed.
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