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C4 Detonography Leaf Print


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Thought some here may be interested in this.


A few months ago I had a go at leaf printing with C4 and thought i'd post up the end product as i was amazed!


The basic idea is You get a stainless steel plate about 150mm square and 5mm thick. Place on this a leaf of your choice ( I used an apple leaf from a tree i planted when my son was born) and mould an even layer of C4 about 8mm thick over the top (the compulsory fire extinguisher is handy for rolling it flat) Add a lump on the edge to stick a det in, retire and detonate.


I still cant believe how well it came out. With the power of C4 I thought it would just have vapourised the leaf. The plate was placed on a base of 1" thick steel plate and that was all buckled with 3" scabs coming of the reverse, but every detail of the leaf has imprinted itself in the plate!


And who said science was boring!




Before anyone asks, the C4 was lawfully available and stored / transported inline with COER / ADR... The only thing was we didn't have a storage licence for HT1, just purchase and possession..... so we had to use it all or make the long drive back to a HE HT1 store..... At £80 / kg makes financial sense to use it.wink.png






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