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Bedford mw first aid kit


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yes they came in different styles we had several types in the museum archives

The Dressings Bag are easy to find and contained just that, dressings. (Maybe some safety pins ,tape and gauze. It's the First Aid bag that's hardest to find. This has purpose pockets inside for scissors, equipment etc. I've been looking for one for ages and when they do pop up you need to sell a kidney to buy it!!! I would be interested in a source of any as I need a few at the right price to finish my medics display.

I have lists of all contents if needed, they were marked with different letters to denote their contents, A ,B ,C etc


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you will find that a CES from this time catered for the needs of the vehicle and not the crew the fact that it is not on the CES

does not mean it could not have been on the vehicle there is a picture some were of a medical satchell fitted to the wing of a jeep wonder if that was on a CES THE SOLDIERS knack of fitting and carrying items that they were not issued with is universal l have a picture of a DROPS in the first GULF WAR with a green plastic garden chair been transported on the cab

roof what l am pointing out is its your vehicle if you think you need it have it

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