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Hello from me!


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Hello everyone,


First up, my name is Kyle. I am an 18 year old lad from Kent who has had a passion for anything military since the age of 7, when I first attended the War & Peace show with my dad. :cheesy:


About 5 years ago I took his ageing compact camera to the show and took some photos, nothing special, just your average point and shoot shots. Something must of twitched in my brain though, as I was now hooked on both military and photography.


I saved up as hard as I could and bought myself a new camera and lens, within a year I had made enough money to buy a full kit of top-end camera gear.

At the 2013 show I started taking photos on a more serious level. Submitting them to the press team (They are still on the website somewhere).

In 2014 I was fortunate to get onto the shows press team and was again taking photos around the site all week. I have probably taken at least one photo of some members vehicles here at some point, if it was there! I am sure I probably got in the way of a lot of people with my white shirt also! :red:

I am hoping to do so again in 2015, but we shall see what happens.


That is my story in a nutshell, I love what I do and will never stop. I am also restoring a GPW Jeep alongside my dad, a long project but the original engine is now running. :)


Hope I am welcome here!




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