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  1. Hi all Just added, to my Munga family.. a little sister...from another mister... for my German 1965 F91/8!! This one is an ex- Dutch army 1963 F91/4... Its pretty complete...and solid.. and needs some work/reassembly of the new parts that came with it .....it also...has a few missing parts......namely...a Fuel tank!!... any one got a spare for the 4 seater!!????? even a rough holed one as a pattern??? Engine is an original two stroke three pot!! ...not running at the moment ..but has good compressions...... however.......log book has it as 800cc......the smaller
  2. Hi all Sorry its been a while since I looked in on here.... how is everyone in MUNGA land!!?? anyway... finally got to have a proper play in the snow!!!!
  3. Hi Kyle just a pair of Yuasa YBX1038 12V 35Ah 330A in black plastic as when the numerous stickers are removed they don't look too modern or out of place... especially with the screw on caps!!!!!! and they certainly wind the ole girl over a treat!!
  4. Hi all have you seen the latest edition of classic military vehicle !!! there's an article on pages 51-57 entitled "MUNGA FOR THE MASSES" (all good for raising the profile of our favourite little runabout!!!) oh and you may notice the modern Munga pics are of a certain F91/8 reg No EOL 890 C taken a year ago at W&PR 2014!!! so here's some more... from this year!! only four Mungas in total in abundance at this years show... that I saw anyway .. including one dead one for resto!!!..and my own!!!! A wiring fault on the way home (just 10 miles away too!!) caused the starter ballast circu
  5. Hi all Here's some pics of the engine going back together... its now all in and running sweet as a nut!!!!!! just tinkering and a few odd jobs to do before this years War and Peace revival!!!! any other Munga's going from here!!????
  6. Hi Ruston ... If you have the early gearbox the high low range lever on top the gearbox can get wedged with debris... Remove the gearleaver plate in the floor to gain access to see if that's the case.... Fingers crossed!!!
  7. Ok all the parts are starting to come in now!!! so its nearly time to put the munga's engine back together!!!!!! here's some pics of the New crank re-bored block and NOS Hepolite pistons!!!
  8. Hi Thelma Hello to you!!!! and welcome in!!! looking forward to seeing some pics of your new "TOY"
  9. Thanks guys Trevor, yes Quite a task but I like a challenge!!! , Ullrich, PM sent also clutch pressure plate looking very tired, and I think ive had the full use of clutch release bearing!!! see pic showing its "teeth"!!!and the splines on the friction plate were seized to the first motion shaft (amazed that it was working at all!!) the plate has loads of meat left.... but the inner segment is parting company with the rest so replacement needed(see close up)!!
  10. Hi all !!! took the ole girl out for a last run to a local militaria show before stripping the engine and changing the clutch!! but on the way home she developed a misfire... a check at the road side found rearmost plug had worked loose (loss of compression causing the misfire I thought... so tightened it up... and gave it a go BANG!!!! plug shot out of the head and hit the bonnet!! taking what was left of the head plug thread's (stripped thread's when I first got it!!) and shrapnel in the plug gave the game away to more serious damage (suspected thrown ring!!) so I spent a pleasant after
  11. Great project !!! and nice to see your progress!!! have you seen this site http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/coldwar/UK/FV-4101_Charioteer_tank_destroyer.php ...it has loads of information about the other surviving Charioteers... and some nice "Airfix model" paint design/insignia prints!!!
  12. Welcome in Kyle!! very professional looking on your website too m8!!! top job!!!!!
  13. Really nice job your doing there!!! did you make the water outlet pipes and thermostat mods yourself!!
  14. Just a small update!! time for the refurbed heater to go back in now the cold weather is on its way!!! looking forward to its first play in the snow!!!!
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