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CVRT Dipsticks


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I changed the gearbox on my Samson some time ago and refitted all the bits & pieces including the dipstick assembly that goes through the bulkhead and is accessed in the drivers compartment. This is a bit of a rubbish design and I keep getting the dipstick stuck on the join between the tube coming out of the gearbox & the tube going through the bulkhead.

I seem to remember someone telling me this was done originally as the decks used to be bolted down, but now that they are hinged there is a mod to shorten the dipstick & remove the bit of tube going through the bulkhead. the dipstick can then be accesse by hinging up the gearbox deck & rad. This seems a splendid idea, but I have no clue as to how much I should shorten the dipstick by so that it will still read correctly. Anyone any ideas?

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All the petrol gearboxes have the dipstick which goes through the bulkhead. Diesel gearboxes have a smaller dipstick which is held in place with a clip and doesn't go through the bulkhead. Is there not a piece of hose connecting the 2 metal tubes?



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Quite right, there is a bit of flexible tubing connecting the two steel tubes together, but if they don't line up exactly then the dipstick snags on the join. As the diesel gearbox is identical apart from the front module, then I would have thought you could have modded the petrol dipstick to match the diesel one. I guess the bloke I spoke to was getting confused between the two, but still it seems a good idea

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Another option which I have found works quite well is to put a very slight bend on the last cm of the dipstick. You only need a couple of degrees and this helps to stop the snagging...


But if you did want to shorten it my approach would be as follows. First make sure the oil is topped up correctly to the 'full' mark. Find a new shorter piece of tube, or trim the existing one to the desired length. Then shorten the dipstick a few cm at a time until it fits the shorter tube without fouling anything. Obviously as you get closer to the correct length reduce the amount you are shortening by, so as to avoid going too far! Once you have the stick at the correct length, simply punch a line across at the level shown, which you know is correct for the full mark, then put another one on for the low mark, referring to the original marks for the correct distance.


If I were to do it, that's how I'd go about it, or am I missing something?


But I'd try the bend thing first!



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