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1943 -44 Ford GPW with alloy pedals and 82nd AB markings


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:undecided: Anybody coma across this before? I have just bought a Ford GPW. Its wartime all right with all the right bits, bulkhead cut-out, 9 section hinge etc etc.


It is fitted with alloy pedals which has me scratching my old bonce as Ive never seen these before. It was restored in the 1970's and left. After getting it home I rubbed through the green paint on the rear bumperette very carefully and found 82AB 307E. The bonnet has been painted several times but the serial there is illegible. It has stars without rings under the green paint on the back. star with ring on the front.


I put a post on some re-enacters forum and got lots of abuse saying its not original, wrong this, wrong that - I suppose they might know better than I. The numbers on the back of the pedals reads 83925 A. Has anybody come across this before ? Perhaps they are French ? Or maybe some 1950's japanese Rodders pedals ?







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Our Dodge had 101AB 506 on its front and rear bumbers when we purchased it......were they original, I doubt it. They were removed anyway.

I'm ALWAYS a little cautious when I see 82nd/101st AB on any vehicle since the BOB mini series.

Of course both A/B divisions would have had vehicles so there will be some originals out there, I always smile in the church square at St.M.Eglise on or around 6th June looking at all of the French owned and registered Hotchkiss Jeeps marked up as either 82nd or 101st.

Good luck with your quest.

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Have a look here so see the differences between Willys and the Post War Hotchkiss M201, and follow the link at the foot of the page for the next three pages. While the GPW has some differences from both of these, at least you will be able to identify any French parts.




On the chassis, the front cross member is a U channel, not round as on the MB and Hotchkiss. You can see this U channel ahead of the radiator, and it is stamped with a script f in the centre. The MB and GPW chassis is also a thin gauge steel compared to the Hotchkiss.



A composite Tub or Ford Tub will have two ridges in the bottom of the Glove Box, just visible in this picture.



A completely Ford tub will also have two ridges in the sides of the rear wheel arches to stiffen the panel, and rectangle depressions around the rear locker box buttons.



These few pointers should tell you if you have a GPW, MB or Hotchkiss M201.


Not sure about the ali pedals, but I did recently come across an aluminium bow swivel; so perhaps at some point, someone has been making replacement parts from aluminium?

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There's still more differences I could add to that, and I haven't even started on Ford parts yet!


Anyone who's buying a Jeep should have it printed out and with them, so they know what they are buying!


Oh sod that ... I got news for you ! :) .....the day I finally set off to buy me a Jeep? ......


........you're coming with me :):):)

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