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New Purchase - Landrover 90 GS 35KL88


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Dear All


I have been shopping again to ensure we have a 4x4 capability should the winter turn nasty and ended up with a Landrover 90 GS, formerly 35KL88. I have the MERLIN report and it was with 1, 2 and 3 RGR at various times from 1994 to 1998 - hence the stickers fitted by previous keeper - and "JSCS NSBS MAT PK(V) LONGMOOR" from 1998 until release via Withams in 2010 - was that long term storage ? The vehicle has wing box fittings but is only drilled for cables on the RH wing - there was a side stalk on the RH side too but no sign of any power or signal cables remaining (if they were ever there?).


It was released as a soft top and is now a hard top - which I will probably keep for warmth and security over winter. I intend to fit "clip in" mounts for a Clansman UK/PRC/320 and UK/PRC/352 - I probably will do a separate non-original battery pack to run the DCCU and TUUAM rather than fit radio power cables as there seem to be none. A set of Dexion and mounting hardware for a 90 hard top is on the way from e-Bay - does anyone have to hand good photos of how the vertical supports at each side fit inside the vehicle ?



I will do some better pics tomorrow if it's sunny - for now here is the vendor's e-bay photo.





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Thanks Mash ! The condition is mostly a credit to the previous owner and Ashchurch depot I think.


Now the questions start.


(1) I have read elsewhere that the "choke" symbol lamp at lower right on the warning light panel is the glowplug/heater confirmation lamp - is this correct ?




(2) Does the "rear heater" lamp at upper right actually do anything in what was originally a soft top 2.5 normally aspirated diesel 90 ?


(3) I have obtained a set of dexion to fit a GS 90 hard top and am using the picture at http://git.me/photo/2014/09/26/1991050249079142656/2375650317888242688/Ex-MOD-Land-Rover-Defender-90-Winterised-Wading-200TDi.jpg as a guide - I cant work out how the vertical black support pillars are fixed to the bulkhead - does anyone have a drawing or closer photo to show me. I suspect my kit doesnt include metal brackets for the bottom and top of these pillars and I will need NSNs/Names/Descriptions to help source them.


This is the bottom of the pillars





And these are apparently where they attach but the photo of the 90 TDi seems to show them mounted further aft so I think there is a metal plate fitted to the top and projecting behind the bulkhead further outboard than the one shown ?




If I can at least get a drawing I can always make one if a ready-made source is not available.


Thanks in advance



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I can confirm that the "choke" emblem is the glow plugs, there is no time cut out on this circuit so don't hold it too long.


We have trouble starting ours out here below minus 15 degrees C.


I refuse to allow anyone to use ether to overcome this.


I think the heated window lamp may also be used for heated front windscreen if fitted but not sure.




PS is the lightweight yours also?

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Hi Robin


Thanks for confirming that the choke lamp is the heater - I reckon on a count of 10 maximum.


It did start today (I think about -5 centigrade early this morning) but took longer than I expected. I think it needs the alternator belt tension looking at - I could hear it squeaking a bit - but system voltage was approx 13.5v when I had warmed it up.


As I understand it (I have some photos in the papers that came with the vehicle) Withams sold it as a soft top - the previous owner said he had fitted the hard top for security as he used to take it into London regularly and I am happy the heat stays in - he didnt say if it was civil or military hard top but I am now convinced it's civil based on further investigation of the dexion fitting challenge - there are holes I need to drill which would be there if it was Military !


From what I can see in terms of drilling etc and the side stalk and wing box that came with it it was "cosmetically converted" to FFR after release but is 100% GS with no evidence of radio at all inside.


No idea about the snow vent - it was added after the Withams photos. I don't believe it does any harm so will leave it for now.


The lightweight is in the previous keeper's drive - the first four photos were taken the day I went to examine it and the rest when I got it home.


@ & M109A3UK


We took it for a 60 mile round trip to Cambridge to visit an amateur radio friend today - having had a look at his FFR and realised from your post that it is a civil top, I think I understand the dexion problem now - because I was expecting pre-drilled holes yesterday I couldnt see it but the vertical posts fit at the ends of the bulkhead and I need to replace rivets with bolts there, and drill the "internal gutter" to take the bolts at the top end.





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An afterthought on the starting - 40 years ago my dad had a S2 diesel on our farm in Scotland and he always left a small parrafin greenhouse heater under the engine overnight - I don't ever remember it struggling to start. Admittedly I think the lowest temp I can remember was only -12 centigrade so not quite Canadian conditions.


It was of course easier because our vehicles lived in a corrugated iron shed so nothing to blow out the heater !





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Hi Peter


Yes it is - passed its MoT a couple of weeks ago with two advisories and just been to Ashford and back for a week - I've almost finished the radio installation (as a GS with clip-in RT352 and RT320) now - as yet running off their own batteries but otherwise functional


How is the lightweight progressing ?


Thanks & Regards



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Hi Iain,

That's great news, I finished the LWT to a reasonable standard but it had been modified for off roading and would have required a fair bit of work to return to standard.



I currently have a 'Recce' spec 110, but it's for sale as I have my eye on something else :red: (ex-military of course)


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