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RFC uniforms


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Hi NZ2


I can tell you all about that!


Airmen or other ranks wore a similar stile tunic to Officers, known as the Maturnity tunic, but this was made of the rough other ranks material, same as army tunics.

These were issued as you would expect and we're usually a poor fit!

Badges of rank were worn on the sleeve as was the Royal Flying Corps shoulder title, this title was not worn by officers.

In addition to the above, OR's were also issued with the standard 1902 pattern infantry tunic, these we're working dress and very rarely badged up. Mechanics were also issued with blue collarless coveralls.

All worn with the RFC badged side cap.

Trousers or breeches were worn with putties and standard black boots.

There's loads more I could bore you with !



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Thankyou for the replies. It's a matter of trying to piece together items of finer detail to go with the 1916 Leyland when it is completed. The overalls look remarkly similar to current ones available, but the tunics/ smocks will require some seamstress work. Are patterns available?


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What Price Glory (WPG) in the US do an RFC officers maternity jacket in two fabrics..........about £150..........


Although in the US, they ship from Dubai and far quicker too than Royal Snail..............


Tip is to read the product reviews prior to ordering as some stuff comes up small..........order a size larger if necessary......


Their repro WW2 RAF OA's shirt is little short of brilliant............as is their WW2 RAF BD (new run)..........


They also do breeches......for officers........


Between WPG and SoF, you should be able to get a reasonable outfit up and running.........

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