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Brown canvas for SCC2 painted trailer

simon king

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Anybody know of a source of brown canvas or a supplier of items in this colour suitable for someting painted in SCC2?


I suppose it must be the same sort of colour as the original Humber sidescreens for jeeps






Hi Simon

I had a tent fly sheet made in heavy brown canvas for living history events, it breaks up the sea of olivedrab. It was made by Grahame "Noddy" Vant, he's down on the edge of Romney Mash near Tenterden kent Home 01580 766204 Mobile 07734 248346. he also made tilts for some MW Bedfords and My 2 Airborne trailers. Great work, I know he is part retired and busy with lots of work for mil vehicle owners.

Good luck, his work is brillant!


R J Grainger

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Hi Robin,

It was I that initially found the brown canvas and got Noddy to make some Dingo top covers and a cover sheet for a Carrier. All those that I supplied these items to thought the brown was about right, it dulls down after weathering as well. I had contacted nearly all the military canvas people at the time and they all said there was no brown canvas ... it took very little time to locate a supplier.

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