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Have a read of this thread on here, you may find it interesting.


There is footage of HMG Boshe-Buster deploying and firing on exercise in Devon on the DVD "Britain's Railways: The Home Front War Years 1944 to 1945" produced by Strike Force Entertainment and available from many online sources (incidentally this is DVD 3 of a three disk set, and is excellent indeed, very well worth watching if you're at all interested in Britain's railways in WW2).


Strictly speaking it was the mount (an WW1 mount intended for a 14" howitzer) which carried the name, HMG Boche-Buster was fitted with an 18" howitzer in WW2. In strategic terms it was functionally useless, lacking the range to fare across the channel (only the experimental hyper-velocity gun "Bruce" could really claim to be capable, and that suffered from other defects which rendered it, too, strategically useless)!


The preserved carriage (which is a proofing carriage or sleigh) intended for test firing only is in many ways more interesting that then tube. It predates the 18" howitzer considerably.


The move of L1 and the Proofing Sleigh to Utrecht on loan was the subject of an episode of Channel 5's series "Monster Moves". If you can put up with the facile commentary it is quite interesting, and is still available online at http://www.channel5.com/shows/monster-moves/episodes/gigantic-gun-monster-moves

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