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Breakdown Recovery for vehicles above 3.5 Tonnes


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Are there any recommendations or advice for choosing breakdown and recovery cover for a 6 tonne historic truck?


Hagertys currently don't cover vehicles of more than 3.5 T, which is disappointing but hopefully under review.


A vehicle under between 3.5 and 7.5 T shouldn't be any more difficult to recover than a large motor home.



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Thanks Richard,

i have initially insured the Chev with Hagertys, mainly because I was impressed with the way they recovery Andy M from Normandy.

But it weighs even more than I'd first thought, a lot more than their slightly "flexible" 3.5 tonnes.


Unless they really do review current policy on weight I'll move Adrian Flux.






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Hi John,

I use Adrian Flux for MV insurance and used their recovery plan this year that covers my QL, and for less than £40


I love Flux! This mixed messages thing is one of the reasons why I moved my insurance (in addition to them ramping up the cost of insurance each year for no apparent reason leaving me to shop around and call them back to price match....). When I bought my green goddess I asked them did they cover vehicles that size and they were adamant that they didn't do anything over 3.5 tonnes! I checked with them twice, same answer. So I have been happily insured through Premium Choice for the last 4 years, and the RL petrol carrier is now covered through them too. I pay extra for recovery which is provided by Autohome, costs about £60 and is up to 7.5 tonnes.



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We pulled in for some fuel on the way to pick up some stuff and when I got back in the cab the old ERF electrics were dead as a Dodo...


I called Autohome and gave them the details of where I was then wandered over to the garage shop to grab a coffee while I waited. As I walked back to the truck a chap appeared. "Are you the truck that's broken down?" he said. Having informed him that I was, I went to show him the problem (Autohome had tasked the workshop behind the garage...) and of course when I jumped in the cab and turned the key the old Cummins burst into life.


I congratulated the chap who was grinning like a loon on his magical abilities and we left - and everything has been perfect since!


So technically I have used them and they were efficient and in this case quick. I particularly like the fact that they will get a big truck off a busy motorway in quick time - thereby avoiding compulsory tow-offs which can run into thousands. The will also come out and change a wheel provided you are carrying a serviceable spare.

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