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Good evening Gentlemen


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I´m Svend Erik.

I live in Denmark, has had vintage cars, in various states of disintegration, since I was 17, Dodge 1932 Cabrio (1 of 2.300 built) a 1938 DKW Gläser Cabrio, 1946 Hillman Minx, 1959 Ford Customline Hearse and a 1963 Buick Skylark.

Got My first MV, a Dodge WC 54 in 1998, had also a Ferret and 4 Champ projects. Now a CMP C15 is being brought back to life.


I´ve also been collecting British military equipment for some Years, so I can dress up My CMP in the right gear.

British load carrying equipment is the main thing in My collection.




Svend Erik

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