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FV4201 Chieftain MBT - Coming back through that Gate !


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Amazing tank. I have always wanted to produce a Drawing or Painting of the Tank, and wondered if you had any photos that you would be willing to share with me for reference purposes. Good 3/4 views or a menacing front view would be ideal. If you can help and would like to talk more please do contact me direct, and please don't think I am trying to sell anything. Drawing/Painting Military Vehicles is a passion of mine, and it would be nice to add to my painting of the Challenger. I look forward to hearing from you.

Web Challenger MBT.jpg

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A truly fantastic looking tank ..:D.

....I know it's total fantasy, pointless and hypothetical etc etc :D but!.........

...... I sometimes ponder what difference just one modern weapon would have made to ancient battlefields......you know?....just imagine if...our boys back in 1066 had possessed just one .50 cal Browning when the Normans marched in ??......or......If our boys had just one Chietain in Normandy in 1944......what price Wittmann and his Tigers ? .....

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