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  1. A few of new Watercolour Silhouettes, Jackal on the Prowl, Sherman Sunrise, Scimitar Silhouette and Scorpion Silhouette. Hope you like them
  2. I have been searching some old photos and found some of the Cavern, both inside and out. Hope you enjoy, and please excuse the some of the picture quality, they were taken close over twenty five years ago.
  3. If the size of the text is ok, then I will continue. Here's the second part.
  4. As the text is a little too small to read, and the files are too big to upload normally I will have a look at this and re-post it this week.
  5. Well here it is, and I hope the wait is worth it. Don't forget that this was written the old fashioned way, with a type writer and then it was copied and pasted. Way before computer's. As it is fifteen pages I'll post it in three sections. Here's the first. Enjoy(I hope?)
  6. Just a follow up to my recent post. I have found the Thesis, and it is only fifteen pages long. I am setting up my tent and finishing a cat portrait today. But I will as soon as possible, scan the pages and load them on here for all to read, bearing in mind I was only about twenty when I wrote it, so be gentle with the criticism. In the meantime here is a taster to wet the appetite so to speak.
  7. Bear with me. I'll have to dig out the book and then I think the beat thing will be to scan it, then post it. It might take a while with the Oswestry show this weekend and a Classic Car to paint by the beginning of July. But keep an eye out I will post it and some of the photos I took at the Museum. A little nostalgia.
  8. I have the full story of the trip to Libiya to recover the Chevrolet. I don't know why but I did my College thesis on the trip and still have it amongst my reference books. I can share the details should anybody be that interested.
  9. Hi Mike, That was one of my favourite images that I painted when I was in College. I still have the painting to this day. You wouldn't happen to have any more details about the owners would you? Best Wishes, David.
  10. While in College, I started producing paintings of the Vehicles at the Museum. I did my first job in Business for the Museum and subsequently produced the Artwork for several of their leaflets. As well as the set of postcards of vehicles at the museum, a couple of which I still have today, I did some of the background display images, and in particular the desert scene for the LRDG Chevrolet. I have always had a keen interest in Military subjects for paintings, and so much of the reference material came from photos taken at the Grange Cavern. I did keep in touch with the Curator of the Museum,
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