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Pinion bearing housing oil seals



I'm attempting to replace the oil seals in the pinion bearing housings that connect the bevel boxes to the transmission shafts but am having trouble with the central metal sleeve. In the pic, the oil seal is the outer (rubber) ring and the sleeve is the central metal bit, which I haven't been able to lever out with a screwdriver. Is there a trick to removing these or do I just need to persist with soaking, heating and levering (destroying the old oil seals in the process, although this doesn't matter since they're being replaced)?

Pinion 1.jpg

This setup applies to Saladin, Saracen and probably quite a few other MVs.

Thanks, James.

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Dumb question! Should have looked at the new seals -they obviously fit over the central metal sleeve so that doesn't need to be removed at all.

Seal 1.jpg

Put a couple of screws in to lever the old one out..

Seal 2.jpg

Seal 5.jpg

No oil inside but the shaft turns ok

Seal 3.jpg

New seal will just slide in over the sleeve but I'll give it a bit of a flush with oil first.

Seal 6.jpg



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Thanks Sean

Will check all the bearings but I think most will be OK, apart from a couple (front) that are seized and are soaking in diesel so I can change the bearings ("Ozzie Saladin" restoration).


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