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RNHF Sea Fury crash landing

Nick Johns

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Sad to see this when I got back from holiday, the engine was pretty sick from the point the smoke started and he did well getting it down, I just wish he'd killed the switches when he dropped the gear, it would have saved at least two more blades, but after the first leg folded he was right to bring the other one up they have a habit of tipping and even with the roll over post the two seaters have it doesn't end well for the pilots. Not a good year for the navy historic flight

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Switching the mags off would have made no difference as the engine will still have windmilled.

Also he didn't raise the other undercarriage leg - it collapsed as it slewed round.

Chris did a great job at controlling the situation. He reckons the engine started running rough so he closed the throttle and put the gear down. He then headed for the runway, opened up the engine but nothing happened. He raised the undercarriage to improve his glide which allowed him to reach the very start of the runway. He then put the undercarriage down but the right leg obviously didn't lock and that led to the gear collapse.

It was so near to a brilliant ending but still, overall it is easily salvageable and will be back in the air soon enough.


As mentioned, they do have a habit of flipping onto their back which is exactly what killed Paul Morgan at Sywell.

It was John Beattie who ditched the one in the sea, not Chris.

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