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Towing Civvy Trailer with Militay Vehicle

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hi all,


i am looking for a 12pin Nato Plug to make an adapter to wire up the lights on a civvy standard trailer (dont know the proper name)


i was also told that a ready made adapter is available, anyone knows who sells them?






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I cheated on this - I fitted a civvy 12N socket and tucked it up alongside the chassis rail on the Landie so it cannot be seen unless you look for it. So I have the NATO socket for use with Sankeys etc and the civvy 12N with a light board (using 24v bulbs of course) for anything else.

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this is a little bit complicated because i just bought a sankey but the lights dont work so the owner fitted additional lights with the 7 pin connector so i just need a solution just to collect the trailer.


once the lights are repaired i will no longer need the 7pin system

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