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EMER/Workshop Manual Militant mk 3 recovery

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Hello all,


Does anyone have one or know where I may find one please?


i have the user handbook 22214 & service schedule 60608.






I have most of it, but it's too large to copy. If you let me know which particular bit you're interested in I'll copy that for you. It doesn't tell you how to remove the clutch, which is apparently in Part A, one of the parts I don't have, and have been unable to find despite asking on here some time ago! I also have the parts book but some components are not illustrated, so it is not as helpful as it could be.

I spoke to a chap up here (Glasgow) who used to work for the local AEC depot, and he had changed clutches on these for the Army at the depot. He told me it was possible to do it by removing the top bell housing studs and refitting long bolts, on which the gearbox could be slid back. I don't see how this is possible without perhaps removing the top of the gearbox since this would foul the crane deck after about 3 or 4 inches of rearward movement as you have found.

There are lock stop bolts on the front swivels which can be adjusted to stop the tyres fouling the springs on full lock, also apart from the bump stop there should be rubber doughnuts between the spring and chassis at the front. Are these things all there?

How do you find your brakes?

Pictures of my Milly follow.


LH Side.jpg

RH Side.jpg

Cab pic.jpg


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