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dodge wc speedo cable


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Hi. My wc52 has been fitted with the transfer box off a 6x6 wc. Can someone please tell me where the speedo cable goes on the 6x6 wc as I assume it goes in the transfer box as it has overdrive but can't see where it could be. There is no output drive on the gearbox just a blanking bolt. :( Any help would be great.



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I don't know exactly where, but you are right, it does have to go on the output side of the transfer case, and with a longer cable too, of course.


The transfer case is 1:1 and around 1.5:1, so if you hooked to the ordinary fitting on the gearbox and put it in low range you would be around 50% out of true.

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Hi Mate,


I got my cable from Wildenberg in the Netherlands but the inner drive cable only lasted for 10 miles,i ended up sending

my broken inner and outer cable to speedo graph and they made me a new one. touch wood no probs after 500 miles!

if you get stuck give me a toot and i will do my best to find my old one for you to use as a pattern.



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