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1926 rudge


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I've never seen any evidence that Rudge supplied during the 1920s. They took part (unsuccessfully) in the 1936 trials. The War Office seemed to go over from the WW1 Model H Triumphs to the Models P and N on a small scale but generally there was little modernisation. There's nothing to stop you donning Service Dress and riding it home on leave though !

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I have a 1936 Rudge myself, to be given one is the find of a lifetime really, they are very, very sought after but spares command a premium and tend to be a little tired. The Rudge club is an excellent source for repro parts and has a limited stock of second hand parts.


The Rudge service model was fielded for the trials and I think they would have been a good all round military bike but they were much better at other things so at the start of WW2, Rudge were ordered to stop making motor cycles and start producing Radar sets. So ended the Rudge motor cycle (They did carry on with push bikes and auto cycles for some time after).

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