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wc62/63 weight


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Sorry to rain on the parade but licence weight limits refer to gross laden weight (or maximum vehicle mass) so it is the vehicle plus its' load capacity.

However there are exceptions particularly if the vehicle was made before 1960.

Suggest you check DVLA website. I think there are some threads on this elsewhere in the forum.

Best of luck.


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I think Norway has pretty much the same rules as the Netherlands. I think that they add 75 kilos for each driver/ passenger. My thought was that if the wc62/63 weighs in at 3349 and register it as a two seater, which they are only to happy to do, since having passangers in the back isn't very popular. Then the total would be 3495 and I'd be allowed to drive it!

Since this is a veteran/ historic vehicle it's not supposed to carry any cargo, also restrictions on distance to be driven each year.


This makes perfect sense, doesn't it? And that's probably why it won't be allowed. I'm pretty naive, am I not!?


Better start thinking of buying a jeep instead. :oops:



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Thank you for the support Ian. One thing is sure, I'm not selling the Dodge. After all that was my first car. And prefer it to the jeep, but they are real easy to drive, and park and so on!


Well see! Right now it's the wc62/63 I'm dreaming of!



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