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Dodge, steering adjustment...



The Dodge has too much frre play on the steering wheel so I tried to adjust it.

Loosened the retaining nut on the steeringhouse and tried to turn the adjustment thing.

The screwdriver was smalll but it wouldn't move at all.

I tried a 20 euro cents coin in a adjustable spanner and it only bent the coin.

I tried with the wheels pointing forward and also to the far left.


Any idea whats wrong?

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All these worms wear at the centre point, the straight ahead position. You can adjust that screw to reduce this, but then the steering binds when you go towards full lock in either direction.


The additional problem is that the steering wheel is often difficult to remove without damage, and it is also difficult to disengage the splined connection for the drop arm ( or is it keyed ? )


Keep working on the screw, by all means, but the cure may be a new or reworked column. I know half ton columns used to be freely available NOS in the States, not sure now, and I have no handle on how available 3/4 ton columns are.

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