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I have a dream


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Dear All, I’m not sure where this thread should go but if there was a section called ‘I have a dream’ (with apologies to MLK) it would be the best place for us to discuss ideas for our hobby. In this respect I am thinking that it would be good at a major show for MV owners and Living History groups to show changes in British Army uniforms and kit and supporting vehicles for the last 100 years. With commemorations being put in place for the 100th anniversary of WW1 a display covering say 1914 to 2014 would have great appeal to the public and be very educational. I have enough to cover 1970s and 1980s and I’m sure there is enough to cover the rest, with the Regulars helping out on the most recent stuff! How good would it be to see a WW1 soldier and GS horse drawn wagon and WW1 truck followed by uniforms, vehicles and kit for WW2, Korea, Suez, Aden, Falklands Gulf and Afghanistan (to name a few). On a similar theme but a smaller scale, the Tank Museum for its Tank Fest could also do a display of British Army 1939 and compare it with British Army 1945. 1939 could be represented by a Matilda Mk1, aero screen Bedford or Morris 15 cwt, motorbike and side car and men in early BD with gas mask etc. For 1945 the vehicles would be Jeep, Halftrack and Firefly or Comet, late war CMP etc. You get the idea and the size of the display could be as big or small as required.Your thoughts

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