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Alvis Saracen


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Latest editon to IMVG fleet. This Saracen (Mk1?? - old style turret with piston ports) was last driven @ 2002 during the making of the movie "Bloody Sunday" and possibly "Reign of Fire" - both filmed in Ireland. Data plate is missing from inside but reg no is 32 BA 84 and it has alv205 stamped into armour above read doors. After its movie career it was sold onto a paint ball site were it lay dormant till late this Summer. Obviously its in quite a sad state at the moment. We are currently trying to source a supplier for a head gasket to suit as one of the spark plugs has rusted in place and partially disintergrated so will probably have to remove head to get at this. Engine did fire up before this and we are in the process of fitting electronic ignition as well. Doe's anyone has any knowledge of its history whilst in the Army?





1005487_552545598127936_220234226_n (1).jpg










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was last driven @ 2002 during the making of the movie "Bloody Sunday"
I think I saw it in an excerpt. They mounted a hose pipe thing in the turret, which looked rather pathetic. They made a big fuss about accuracy of the shop fronts, hair styles & fashions of the time. Then they used a Saracen with a hose pipe! In the real footage it was a Foden water cannon, quite a different thing altogether. That's films for you.


Sorry not your fault! Sorry to hear about the sparking plug problem that is a pain.

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