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Lee Enfield purchase.

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I was thinking of buying a Lee Enfield .303 rifle to put in the brackets I have inside the Jeep. As I know very little about de-activated weapons any thoughts or advice would be most gratefully received! Looking around the web i see phrases like early de-activation, new old de-activation and, new de-activation. I'm assuming that the earlier de-acts are more desirable? Also do all the numbers have to match? And what would be a fair price to pay? The jeep was was built on 04/07/1942 so I guess an earlier example would be more in keeping?

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Just to complicate things. What markings are the J**p in? If you are looking at middle or far east then the correct rifle would be a SMLE No1 Mk111 or Mk111* that is with the wood work right up to muzzle. middle mounted sight and 17 inch sword bayonet. After Dunkirk, a lot were lost in Europe and the SMLE No 4 rifle was issued. Stupidly due to VCR, it is easier to buy a De -Ac then a realstic replica. As far as De acing goes because the SMLE is a bolt action rifle, there isn't much diffrence bettween new and old de-acs.

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Try World Wide Arms for a Canadian Enfield No.4 Mk1*, the No4 Mk1 was introduced in 1941 and the 1* a little later (But designed and trialled in the mid war years). They are a decent price and were supplied to British forces to supplement domestic production. If you want an investment then try for matching numbers, if you want a cheaper display piece that may get wet and rust, then go for a cheaper non matching example as you will be less peed off if it get damaged.




You may find cheaper examples by trawling milweb, gunstar and our own forum classifieds.

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