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New CMV is out.


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Got the latest CMV today - opened it and nearly collapsed in shock - there are NO pictures of Lee's Fox or Johns Saladin!!! :cry:

Been getting so used to turning a page and going "Oh look - I know that one" that not to see one was a suprise..


Good article on page 20 though for those lucky enough to be in the Household Cavalry event come June!! And on the M3 Grant range wreck. Looking forwards to having a read later on :-) :-) :-)

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Aye, looks a good read, this month,...........my father grabbed my copy, when it fell through the door,.........he'd seen there was an article on DUKW's, .....he was a driving instructor on them, based in wales, during the 40's; and still keeps a fondness for them, which is great. :-)

Definatly, the next vehicle, I'd buy,.............if the premium bond came up;........ :whistle:




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