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Hello from Leafy Surrey

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I have joined the HMVF because I have recently purchased a 1941 Royal Enfield WD/C and whilst researching came across this site and I found the forum most interesting and informative. I am afraid I have little to offer with regard to Royal Enfield WD/C's but I am and have been for over 9 years a curator of the Surrey Infantry Museum so have a reasable knowledge of military history that the Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment and the East Surrey Regiment were involved with since 1661.

I have purchased the motorcycle as a retirement project and intend to completely restore it to it's former military livery and although I have never restored a bikeI have completed ground up restorations on a Triumph Herald convertable for our son that lasted him through his 4 year university course and then a Triumph Vitesse. My motorcycle experience is only from owning a James 122cc (I think) in 1963 that lasted me a year before puchasing a brand new Matchless 250 Sports in 1964 that was the envy of my mates until they got the then new Japanesse bikes. I hope that has given you some idea of me and my interests and I look forward to talking to you.

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Welcome Ian what size is your royal enfield , :cool2:


Shane, It is the 346cc SV WD/C, it has been stored since the 1950's but the chap I purchased it off of said it run and indeed it does and sounds very good to the untrained ear and before I started to strip it it started 1st time I went to it each day. It was rebuilt in 1946 by the Marble Arch Motor Co. and I intend to return it to it's original livery.





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