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  1. Right or wrong i have now lengthened the stud and fitted a spacer as i think it looks better and i am less likely to catch my leg on it
  2. Thats great Jan, I shall have a go at what Ron suggested, we are really pleased with the two WD/CO bikes we built from the engine and frames we purchased and they ride very well.
  3. That should be easy enough Ron, I thought Jan had made the the brackets from one piece of metal rather then drilling and studding the spacer bit but as you know I know little about engineering but enjoy learning.
  4. Thanks Ron and Jan, I did wonder if I had missed a spacer or something and that photo is exactly as mine is so at the moment I have left the peg off.
  5. sorry to butt into your thread Gary but while Ron is thinking about WD/CO's i wanted to ask him if the bracket for the nearside pillion foot peg is the same as the off side as the ones we got from Jan don't seem long enough meaning the peg doesn't fold up very well sticking out at about 45 degrees. regards Ian C.
  6. I see you are still using the same pain killer Ron, but perhaps a larger measure, keep up the great work but try and have a few hours off. Ian C.
  7. Ron, Yes we did say hello at Netley and I intended coming back to see you after lunch but I had purchased a few heavy bits (oil etc.) and I was parked in the far corner of the parking area and after dropping them off felt to lazy to come back but hopefully I will see you at a few of the events next year as I now have a trailer for the two bikes so I can now travel. I have taken the 3HW to a couple of local shows that I could ride to and enjoyed them. Ian C.
  8. Thats a great task you have taken on there Ron but I have no doubt you will build a very nice bike. Ian C.
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