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Morris steering box colour

Ivor Ramsden

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I previously asked this in the MV Chatter section but didn't get any replies. Maybe it would be better here:


I'm in the process of rebuilding the steering box on the Morris C9B and I've come across some black paint under later coats of green. Would the steering box & column assembly have been painted black originally?


If so, would it have stayed black until the vehicle was repainted in service, or would the whole vehicle have been sprayed in Olive Drab after assembly? What happens in British vehicles of other make? My only in-depth knowledge on this subect is connected with Land Rovers, where most sub-assemblies (steering, axles etc) were supplied to final assembly in black and stayed black, but that was what happened several years post-war so it's a different situation altogether.


I shall probably go for OD but the originality anorak in me is twitching a bit.


Can anybody help?

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I left our engine in blue because I didn't remove it and repainting it in place would have been difficult. I did a bit of research but failed to find a colour code or name. The original colour is quite a deep green, much darker then the colour that was used on later BMC engines like on the Mini. It's almost a bottle green, not quite as dark as deep bronze green (Land-Rover green) and it's a bit more blue. Sorry I can't be more specific! I can't remember who was restoring this C8 GS but this photo came from this forum and the engine colour is right. Sorry about the solid block of text but something's stopping me from doing paragraphs.

C8GS 2 05.jpg

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THERE are three shades of BRUNSWICK GREEN

light Brunswick green BS 381C 225

middle Brunswick green BS 381C 226

dark Brunswick green BS381C 227



the light is to light the dark is to dark the middle is the only one near to the original colour it is the same as LISTER STATIONARY ENGINES were painted if you have a problem there is a company called paints 4u who do them in heat proof enamels

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