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Polish truck spotters wanted!

Hair Bear

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Knowing you guys travel far and wide, and are good at spotting things in barns and hedges - well - has anyone seen one of these anywhere?

Q349MHK.JPG It's a Tarpan 233 (I think!). I regrettably moved this one on some years ago and now feel the need for another.

They were extremely rare in the UK - possibly only 2 registered - so I'm guessing Poland would be most likely but this interweb thingy has so far come up with nothing for sale.

Any info would be greatly received.

Thanks, Rob.

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Hi Rob,


I have not seen a Tarpan onn the road for several years, although there were still a few around when I moved to Poland some 16 years ago. Most seemed to die of corrosion, or overuse as a farm vehicle.


The place to look is Allegro.pl, where there always seems to be a choice of vehicles and spare parts, along with the later Tarpan Honker.


Try: http://allegro.pl/listing/listing.php?string=tarpan&search_scope=automotive


And for anyone else looking for something different, then there are the iconic (locally) Zuk, Nysa and Warszawa.



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Hi Trevor,

Interesting site, proves they are still about even if few and far between.

It's dissapointing to discover the amount of parts for sale, I sold mine purely because of the lack of available parts - really miffed now!

Just in case I do accidentally press the wrong button:cool2: or do something else equally stupid, how do I go about getting something like this shipped to the UK? What sort of paperwork, taxes and general red tape is involved?

I don't understand a word of Polish so while looking through Allegro I was relying on google translate (Hmm...) so could be easily misled, it made reading the descriptions - er - interesting! Next, I've got to decide how much I really want one.

Thanks for your help, Rob.

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Well, Rob, I wanted a Zuk van for years, but eventually settled for 3 die-cast models of them. Ah well.


I have zero experience with exporting anything from Poland, but since it is part of the EU it cannot be that much different to getting something from anywhere else. Buying one is easy, there is a standard contract to fill in that is available as a one page download from any 'motoryzacja' website, probably including Allegro, hand over the money and the vehicle is yours.


Lots of people speak English, and I know lots of translators.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for your help guys, found quite a few for sale.

I've been looking through some of the ads and found one with a scan of it's log book, once translated it made for some scary reading.

I used to use my truck as it was intended - or so I thought.

Physical size wise it's similar to any other modern 1 ton truck... I've just discovered it's rated payload is only 350kg! Opps!

In that respect I'd be better off with a Honda Acty :shocked:

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