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LVT in british service


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Well as a "Frontline" bit of kit only a couple of years and I think they where used by the Royal Marines rather than the Army post war. There was at least one in Army hands and still running in the Early 60's according to an ex REME bod I know. Though not in very good nick. They only had an expected running life of a few hundred hours if I remember right.

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Of course Suez, Im pretty sure they used LVT 3's rather than the wartime 2 and 4. I also think....they might of been borrowed off the French for the duration ? The French used the 3 and 4 at suez including the 4 with a Bofors mounted on it !


The LVT3 saw action at Okinawa and in Korea but Im not sure they where ever directly used by the Brits ?

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Many moons ago, there used to be a LVT, not sure which Mk, on Sennybridge ranges.

Not sure if it still there ?


Can also remember looking at a Daimler Armoured Car and a Churchill on Sennybridge.

[T'was a long time ago !]




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The LVT we had at the Museum of Army Transport was a MK3 during its rebuild we found its cenus number pre 1947

and its post 1948 number which was in the ZR range a fact confirmed by Bovy so the British Army had one MK3 and i

suspect more the one we had l think came from Framlinton and a picture ot it appears in WHEELS and TRACKS sited

there before it came to us


regards wally

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I really thought that it was simple question.

In late 50th-early 60th LVT's were served by 18 coy RASC. Perhaps - LVT-3. I saw one photo with it. From 1958 (?) to 1962 (?) this coy trialled US LVTP-5. I saw short video of RM landing exercise in Borneo with LVTP-5, dated by 1963. It's all, that was after this date I don't know.


regards, Andrey

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