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  1. Fascinating stuff, I have the Daimler one for the Fox, the format is almost exactly the same as this Alvis one
  2. Thanks Laurence, sent you an email cheers Nick
  3. Thanks I’ll drop them a line, saw them on the Ferret site too.
  4. Thanks Chris, didn't think of plant companies, worth a punt, yes had a quote or two from low loaders at 540 + VAT Each way !!!
  5. Morning all, sidestepping the "Drive it there" debate, should I wish to move 5 tons of armoured toy around Southern England (Berkshire to where ever) I am rather naively investigating the costs, practicalities and methods of "hauling" . With a view to moving a Fox generally more South East temporarily around July/August. Not here for opinions on Kent in the summer :-) go ahead chaps any thoughts
  6. I’ll drop you a message Laurence. and yes the Fox sits proper still now with the propshafts clamped. Just got to remember which order to put all the tin back in now 😁👍🏻 Thanks
  7. Finally got the brakes done on the Fox, I honestly don’t know how I’d of managed without your pictures and description here, Very happy and most grateful cheers Nick
  8. Ive been using this post as a reference to do the brakes on my Fox, great stuff really really helped cheers Nick
  9. Id say Yes, but as you state, straight, not turning. The ground pressure is pretty low and the pads are flat. Engage in any turn over those and you will likely hook one up
  10. Think its just the way its pronounced Richard. any takers chaps ? Nick
  11. Chaps (and chappettes). My little baby sister, former WRAF is involved in some of the co-ordinating for this event. hundreds of ex and serving WRAFs are walking between camps and bases all over the UK. Naturally she has cornered her ex "pongo" brother (thats me) to round up some military vehicle support. Particularly the final leg a walk of a mile from Barton Marina to the National Memorial Arboretum on 25th October. This followed by a service and parade and flypast. So the appeal is to MV owners particularly any of the RAF ilk that might be able to attend on the 25th. Not sure which b
  12. Bit late on the reply but I rebuilt mine, followed similar advice as given above, plenty articles and pictures. My first big mechanical project. It's not that hard and quite satisfying to have done.
  13. There a photo on a wall/Office (think its the local rag) in Maidenhead of a Sherman being used to help in the floods, ai wonder if this is the same one. I have it on the puter at home and will dig it out when I get off work. Interesting clip that and here's another, more GPA's a DUKW and apparently a Sherman DD ironically swamped, obviously a big Army involvement, wonder what they could provide theses days ? http://www.britishpathe.com/video/floods-in-england-1/query/237520 and another but this time with splendid Pathe Commentary http://www.britishpathe.com/video/the-army-take
  14. Cut to the chase, nearly two years on and off. Got a tip on sealing the ramp using silicon rubber. Off down to the local slipway, pace up and down a bit and.............:-D
  15. Trimmed wings were the norm where I was, I must admit I thought that was how it was supposed to be. Probably because all the lads did it so I just fell in with the crowd.
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