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Help wanted to identify an ex MOD wiring loom.


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I have bought an ex MOD new old stock wiring loom which was in a box amongst other parts.


The part number on the tag is LV6 MT4 LU/822161. Harness cable main.


The number looks like a lucas one, can any one identify it for me please?


Thanks and regards,


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Eyup, Drew,


I've got ex-MoD parts books for 80, 86 and 88 Land Rovers but that number doesn't appear in any of them. My 80 parts book doesn't list a Lucas number for the dash harness used between early 1950 and August 1951 (the later 1.6 Rover Mk 1s) so it might be that this is what your harness is.


The books aren't necessarily always accurate because I've got a handful of ex-Ministry Series 1 harness sections which have got part numbers that don't appear in the books either. Your number is fairly close to some of the ones that I've got.


The dash harness should be very recognisable as a Land Rover part. Can you post a photo?

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Drew it doesn't match any of the FV1600 series or Champ. It may not even be a vehicle, might be a trailer.


A photo of it unfurled may help trigger recognition.


What you really need is a 1950s-60s VAOS (Vocabulary of Army Ordnance Stores) Section LV6/MT4 (Common electrical stores for mechanical transport). I have a lot of VAOS but none for this section I'm afraid.

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It is a car loom, made of two sepatete pats. It has two headlamps ( blue white and blue red) , a horn (Purple), and a brake light switch halfway. (green red) also identified can be the contact switch and rear loom. I used it for an Alvis ( changed some lenghts, soldered them and put a sleeve around it. The connections to a voltage regulater sre there as well. great part biut look at the colours to see the destination and use. The headlam wires are thick and ok in size for 12 amps so 75 watts are no problem. Use a relais or proper switch to handle the current. Succes, Bart916

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I forgot to mention, the connections to the voltage regulator ( colours and  quantity) tell me it uses an RB 106 (Lucas) voltage regulator, you can find a schedule on the web, that is easy.  Du use proper Flux for lead soldering for electronic components, the'industrial grade'  for cupper pipes  if it gets wet often..tends to disolve the cupper wires after three years..learning by doing 😞

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