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Leyland Daf Sherpa


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Help please. I have a 1989 LDV 200 truck which I know was used by the RAF at Mildenhall.

It is the small single wheel flat back.

It is in Olive Drab which has been overpainted and the vehicle was used as a milk float in its later life.


How can I discover it's military history? I can't find any plates, I don't know if there are any numbers that have been covered and quite frankly I don't know where to look for them anyhow.


Any tips will be welcomed

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You say it was used by the RAF at Mildenhall, actually it would have been the USAF at Mildenhall, the Americans had a policy to use some RHD UK manufactured vehicles at their bases here, they had a lot of LDV 200 trucks, military spec Landrovers and British Dodge trucks and other UK built RHD stuff, all painted olive green, you would often see them out on the roads and around the bases

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Just goes to show what I know. Many thanks for your response.


Any ideas on markings.?

As they were a general purpose truck from what I remember they just have had "USAF" and possibly a serial number? stencilled in black on each side and were displaying American military registration plates, they would not have UK reg number untill sold for civvy use.

The LDV-sherpa forum could be usefull


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