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  1. Many thanks for that and sorry if I hijacked a thread. I'll at least get to watch it next year
  2. I'd love to know more about this road run. I'm local to the area and never knew a thing about it
  3. Purely as an anecdote: An old time truck driver pointed out to me that if you see any photo's of commercial vehicles up to about 1970 they will have one huge spotlight at the front. Dynamo charging dictated that when the wipers, heater fan and main beam were all in action at the same time the it didn't take long for the engine to start misfiring. Apparently it was common practice just to use the one big spotlamp to save the battery. After the 70's alternators became common and the charging problem didn't arise
  4. thankyou, why don't I know how to do that!!!
  5. This is at £40 at the moment. eBay item number: 302758478498 I seem to have made a pigs ear of posting this Mouse over image to zoom 4 section aluminium military ladder with ridge hook and roller attachments.1963?
  6. On Ebay. eBay item number:163076045740 250 gallon towed water bowser at £161 if your quick Nato hitch etc etc
  7. someone sent me this I'm not that bright. "Ethanol becomes corrosive once it starts to oxidize. This will cause corrosive acid to form. Secondly algae growth formation is caused by water contamination. Ethanol is already water soluble so if not addressed properly it could cause major issues with any metal in a vehicle's fuel system or fuel pumps." And this "Ethanol itself is not particularly corrosive. When the oil companies first started blending ethanol in fuel, it corroded some rubber and plastic gaskets on some cars and equipment. Manufacturers figured it out and substituted new materials. The unlucky consumers whose equipment was ruined or whose fuel systems had to be replaced just took it on the chin as per usual with most government programs.But that wasn’t the end of it. Ethanol attracts water. When the two get together, they create the perfect environment to grow a type of bacteria called acetobacter. After getting drunk on their EPA-sponsored kegger in your gas tank, the acetobacter excrete acetic acid. And acetic acid is very corrosive. If you’re refilling your gas tank every week or two, acetobacter don’t have time to grow a sufficient size colony to damage metal parts in your fuel system. But if your fuel sits for longer periods of time these microorganisms continue to multiply until your gas tank contains damaging levels of acetic acid." No I don't really understand it either other than best advice is line fuel tanks.
  8. In the same vein, will you be using a chemical liner inside the tank to protect the metal from modern fuel? Inspiring work as always
  9. Seems to have taken a long time for positive comments to arrive and very welcome they are. If "the show must go on" then it aint going to happen with only negative views and 'mud Slinging' (pun intended) doesn't help. My worst complaint was the mixed weather until someone on here, much wiser than me, pointed out the conditions that soldiers had to endure so that freedom loving sprogs like me can complain about getting a bit damp. Certainly puts it into perspective. I had no problem with 'Flapless' loo's. The block I used were cleaned thoroughly and regularly despite the muddy conditions and the old adage 'Don't look down' comes to the fore. and of course 'Timing' is everything Where flaps and a rudimentary flush lever are fitted these tend to 'cake' up and in my opinion are worse. As for the state of the toilets then the fact is that it is 'us' using them not the organisers. I really enjoyed the show and it seems odd that here we are taking about toilets when there was so much other entertainment I really hope the powers that be read some of this as it could be seen as priceless market research without the 'He don't care' attitude. Everybody cares if someone is saying something useful.
  10. Interestingly a photographer friend of mine mentioned that a lot of researchers go to the public for library material these days because they don't have to pay; relying instead on the feel good factor for amateur snappers. Cash strapped times , I'm sure it must be something to do with Brexit
  11. I need to overhaul the diesel injector pump on my Bedford TK 220. Does anyone have a manual, diagram or could recommend a specialist who wont charge me more than I paid for the truck please. The pump is a Simms 4629/2
  12. I arrived Tuesday mid afternoon and was waved through to booking in. I found all the stewards very helpful and found the toilets and showers to be ok. I feel the new parking and exit arrangement would have been in crisis had it rained I enjoyed the show. I confess that I only went this year to form my own opinion on how it would turn out and in all fairness I haven't seen read or heard any comments that weren't put forward for any other year.
  13. Scarily there are several products available in the motor trade to provide cheap and quick fixes for cooling systems. Once there was just the 'Barrs Leaks dog turd' but now there is 'K seal' (about £12) which will fix almost anything including weeping head gaskets and 'Liquid Steel' usually £40) which guarantees to fix any head gasket. Barrs have kept up to date and also provide a head gasket "cure" (£36 ish) Bad leaks are prepared by stuffing them with wire wool if that gives you an idea of their worth. You might be horrified at the prospect or it may be handy info. Keep up the good work; I remain in awe....................
  14. I always feel bad about interrupting a thread just to say "Great work" but if us, the 'umble public, can boost your endeavor with our awe and support then so-be-it. Fantastic to see your progress in preserving a lost vehicle for the next generation.
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