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Greetings all...


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Hello ladies and germs, just posting my first entry to introduce myself. Behind every tall man.....there is a short one. I can often be found helping tootall mike with his various restorations and mechanical conundrums. I currently have no vehicles of my own, as i have friends who, through no biological fault of their own, possess but one body with which to drive their collections of old vehicles. Anyway, it was getting boring with my vehicles being so reliable and needing so little attention.


I have done an engineering apprenticeship in old vehicles as i worked for a company that restored and operated old busses. I currently work on trains as a diesel fitter. I have so far owned two Matatdor recovery trucks, a Zil 131, three land rover 101s, a 110 and various other land rovers. I have more recently been involved in CVRTs, and yes, i was the driver of the one that "expired" on the Purley one way system. My favourite tools are hammers and a quarter drive socket set. 8-)


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Hi Vince,


Welcome on board.


I wrote you a harsh welocme but have thought better of it.


Leaving this bit in though -


he's not bloomin' volunteering to work on anyone else's stuff 'til he reaches the end of my list. :-) :deal:


ps. found a new smiley, let's see if it works here:

pps. Hiya matey!


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