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Ferret 90-Amp charging systems

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Would I be correct in saying that the retro-fitted 90A charging systems in Ferrets used the Generator No.10 Mk 3 & Gen Panel No.9 Mk 4? ie the final type with the transistorised regulator module.


All the one's I've looked at used this set up rather than the earlier configurations, but is that just by chance?


Is it correct that the installations had no ammeter & hence no shunt box? Given that the shunt box was also a distribution/junction box what was used in its place? Or was there just a mass of connectors all plugged into individual connecting blocks?


Many thanks.

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I remember carrrying out this Mod in the late Seventies, as far as I know it was never incorporated in to the Ferret EMER as such, only as a Mod Instruction. My part was to do the mechanical parts, ie pulleys and mountings and fit genny. Will see if there is anything in my ISPL which has a lot of written in changes.



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Richard I've got the EMER cancelling the mod for Saracen & Ferret due to shortage of parts. But I don't have the installation mod.


I've realised I do have the Saracen mod dated May 1978 & that specifies Gen Panel No.9 Mk 3. So not Mk 4 as I have seen on all the Ferret with 90A I've looked at. There is no mention of shunt box or ammeter & the fitting of the kit dismissed as requiring nil man-hours as it was to be done as part of a base overhaul, but it still takes time though :undecided:

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It's a very strange EMER because it lists the items in the conversion kit just as the Gen Panel & two harnesses. No mention of the Generator.


Although the intro states when the Generator No. 10 Mk 2 is fitted a new Panel & harness must be fitted.


Also I note the Panel must be set to LOW charge rate.

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