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bedord split charge

David Ives


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Are we talking 12 volt or 24 split? The 12 volt beast on the 101 ambulance looked like a second coil. The Alternator conected to the middle and two outputs. I also have a split charger capable of handaling 6 to 50 volt negative earth. It is called a multi battery isolator Sure Power Industries Mod 2402. Same system Alternator to one, and two outputs.


Very easy to fit, just bolt into circuit.https://sites.google.com/site/surepowerisolator/

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is there anyway with a bedford mk to spil the charge so i can charge 2 sets of batterys so i can run a set of lights seperate at night


David this will do it.




That will give you an independent charge to your lighting batteries. They do a range of chargers. Do you necessarily want 24v for your lights? We have been fixing a system for a 24v truck to run a charge for a 12v leisure system. They do a version for that. Then even if you flatten the leisure battery you can still operate the vehicle.


Obviously the charger initiate wire comes from the ignition circuit, but they do versions that only charge once the vehicle voltage rises above 25v. So that with all your lights & blowers on there may not be enough ummph for the leisure battery to be charged as well. At least that prioritises where the power goes.


They also do a unit for running a 24v vehicle with a 12v trailer useful if you have different voltage prime movers & don't want to keep changing the bulbs in the trailer.

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