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RAF MK 5 Crash Tender


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I am currently assiting in a restoration of a RAF Thornycroft MK 5 Crash Tender (Type TF/AC4/1) powered by a Rolls Royce B/80, Mk 2A engine. Our main problem is lack of servicing documention both for the engine and the vehicle. Does anybody know or have information where I can get hold of any copies to assist with the restoration, photographs would also be appreciated. The vehicle itself is in excellent condition considering it has been stored for around 40 years. The pictures below show the type of vehicle, there is also a civilian version with the same engine.






Thank you in advance for any help.



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Hi and welcome,

I have attached a photo of another Thornycroft Nubian, which you probably know off ;). The manuals for the engine would be Rolls Royce B range, this cover 4, 6 and 8 cyl engines, the official RR manual is often seen in original or copied, also the army produced their version (the better option if you get the complete works), in EMER Power form. The engines were used in a lot of military vehicles as well as civilian roles.


regards, Richard


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The RAF museum holds the following which may help:

AP4576A; Fire crash truck, Mk.5A: General and technical information, repair and reconditioning instructions

AP4397A; Truck, 3 ton, GS, Cargo, 4 x 4, Thornycroft, Nubian, TF/B80: Tractor, 10 ton, GS, 4 x 4, Thornycroft, Nubian, TF/B80: Chassis, 3 ton, GS, 4 x 4, Thornycroft, Nubian, TF/B80: User handbook (this is the Thornycroft manual covering the engine and chassis issued in an AM cover)

Chassis lubrication diagrams


EDIT: sorry, i just realised I missed off an AP!

AP4386B covers the equipment fitted to the Mk5


The Mk.5 and 5A are the same chassis/engine with different bodies and slightly different equipment from what I can tell.

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