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m65 jacket


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Depends what it is - a Vietnam era dated olive green one will be worth more than a later camo one. A play with the 'completed items' search facility on eBay will give you a fairly good idea as to the value.


Having said that, a friend of mine bought a tidy med-reg sized Vietnam era dated olive green one in a surplus shop in Canterbury last year for £50.

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M65 Jacket

what kind of money are they going for now?......

size med -reg 37-41

very good condition , been in collection years .......



what kind of money are they going for now?


How long is a piece of string.


On Ebay especially these days pricing is bizarre-you might see one go for £XXXXX amount next week and see one identical next week go for half the price or less. There seems to be a lot of wealthy nutters on there these days who will pay ANY amount for an item but as already said from a collectors point of view there are many factors that will decide its value,condition,date,zip type,patches/insignia etc.

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AFAIK ,, it is in very recent years that ALPHA Industries moved M65 manufacture to China , so in theory a modern manufacture OD jacket was identical to Vietnam war era. - the price was very reasonable. So unless you wanted something A1 cleaned with somebody elses name on - what was the point ?? I suppose here are rivet counter clothes collectors.


Actually - abt. 5 years ago , I wanted a Nightime Urban , the very best deal was that I imported a small batch direct from USA , marked X'mas present - no £ duty this end..

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this is a post Vietnam issue jacket, as well as the date on the label you can tell by the brass zippers. Nam era ones had aluminium zippers and command a higher price.


This site should give you an idea of price but I reckon about £50-80 is probabaly right. It has name but no unit patch, which depending on the unit can up the value.



It is however a classic item and currently very fashionable, so selling to the "Vintage" crowd could get more money so try here. Its full of hipsters paying over the odds


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In my limited knowledge of US kit, I seem to recall that the green M65 kit stopped issue around the late-1980s.....and in the USAF by 1989-90 when replaced by cammo BDU........at that time my (ex) father-in-law was in the USAF (Military Airlift Command) in the USA and his green kit was still on-issue around '89.............thus, green military production must have stopped around the same time or earlier....?


I've noticed that a lot of genuine ex-US green M65's available today are frequently ex-USAF rather than Army, indicating a possible later changeover date than the latter.......


PS - for those interested, recently saw a lot of ex-US OD shirts and trousers, many with USAF insignia in blue rather than subdued, at Sabre Sales in Southsea (upstairs near the British DPM stuff)......this is the "OD107 gear".......many items were in the earlier sateen rather than the latter poly/cotton mix too.........so possibly Vietnam era...??? :D

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From what Ive seen over the years unlike a lot of other items the price of M65s has come down-you would struggle to find one for under £40 now easily pick them up for £10-£20,and thats Nam dated ones as well.


Of course,you could as a lot go by Ebay prices and think as Lilysplace does that theyre worth £80+ but to me personally NO M65 is worth more than £40 and that includes nicely badged up ones.



I paid less than £40 for my ultra rare very early M65(no eppaulettes).

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Also,never ever buy anything from a Vintage clothing website unless dirt cheap as for an example a lot are now asking £30-£40 for the £5-£10 French F1/F2 Olive and Cammo lightweight jackets so no doubt they price everything else likewise.


Exactly. My suggestion was to sell there, not buy ;)

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