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  1. A firearms dealer: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/paul-panagi-2853159b https://www.enfieldguns.com/
  2. The law concerned was modified last year by an SI so that it changed from ‘in the EU’ to ‘in the UK’. The UK left the EU in January and that is the current law. However, in the real world it is a bit of a dead letter as regards private sales and is being widely ignored. I also don’t know whether it has been tested in court: as it stands, someone could spend six months in prison because they had sold an irreversibly gun because it had been irreversibly deactivated in the wrong irreversible way.
  3. Interesting article that was published last December: https://brudenellchambers.com/2019/12/23/new-deactivation-specifications-2/
  4. I believe KR is the pre-1971 commercial serial number prefix. Afterwards it was S.
  5. My understanding is that the British military guns always had the smooth Suncorite over phosphate finish. However, some commercial spare parts with the crackle finish (e.g. end caps) were later on obtained by the MoD from Sterling and ended up on military guns.
  6. I believe almost all of them were scrapped sadly. This also explains why ex-British military Sterling SMGs are almost non-existent on the UK market. The ones you see for sale are commercial guns sold abroad in the past which have different markings and a different paint finish.
  7. A range of WWII and postwar 20mm ammunition can be seen here: http://www.quarryhs.co.uk/tankammo1.html As mentioned, I think they are 20x128mm cases. Not Hispano and not WWII Oerlikon.
  8. I would tentatively identify them as 20x128mm Oerlikon cannon cartridge cases. I don’t think they are British.
  9. No change in the short term. The former wasn’t EU derived and the latter has been transferred into UK law. It is possible the latter may get revised into something more sensible post-Brexit, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.
  10. I'm guessing the Mindfulness Unit wasn't very interested...
  11. As mentioned, the good news is "Firearms which were deactivated prior to 8 April 2016 are not covered by these provisions".
  12. Steven Kendrick of the DGCA has sent round the following email: “So in case you hadn't heard, as of Thursday, transactions involvingdeactivated firearms have to be notified to the Home Office. (The HomeOffice is the "national authority" for this purpose, so it's the whole ofthe UK).The definition is any firearm deactivated to the current spec, acquiredsince 14 September, 2018. The reason for the latter date is that the HomeOffice was supposed to implement these regulations by that date, but they didn't because of the whole Brexit mess. So in essence, it's retroactive to that date.Also,
  13. Mentioned in an article on The Register website: UK Home Office: We will register thousands of deactivated firearms with no database https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/11/08/home_office_deactivated_weapons_email_address/ Someone also commented on it on the Army Rumour Service website: "The apparent UK current response is to go through the motions of obeying the letter of the EU law while ignoring the intent. Under new EU law, owners of deactivated firearms must "notify" the government of the status of deactivated firearms. In the UK you apparently will send an email conta
  14. Both. The additional sting in the tale is that it prevents the owner of a pre-2018 spec gun quietly ignoring the currently unenforceable prohibition on transferring a so-called ‘defectively deactivated’ gun. Once you’ve registered it, then it’s locked to you unless you get it re-done to the current spec.
  15. Slightly obscure, but here seems a good place to ask... I’m after a postwar West German paratrooper Helmet chinstrap assembly. Ideally the GSG-9 type with a QR buckle and plastic chin cup, but any type would be good. They look very similar to the WWII M38 Fallschirmjager helmet chinstrap assembly, but are made of green than grey/blue leather. You can see an example here: https://www.kpemig.de/Bundeswehr-Kinnriemen-fuer-den-Fallschirmjaeger-Stahlhelm-alter-Art I’m also interested in postwar West German paratrooper helmet liners and liner retention bolts. Would also consider purc
  16. I'd have thought olive green 1960 Pattern clothing would be better for a late 60s early 70s portrayal as DPM 1968 Pattern wasn't issued until about 1971 onwards. Admittedly 1968 Pattern is a little easier to find in large sizes.
  17. The following suggests not. It looks like the ‘not for sale in the EU’ bit is going to be changed to ‘not in the United Kingdom’: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2019/742/part/15/made?fbclid=IwAR2lwKty3vioy0JaS_EqAkV8lptzJbDMyVbTQcSVsuS1x3rgZutJMTy_Cq4#f00061
  18. The trader market from 2000 (when I started going) up until around 2012. It would take all day to do and there were always bargains to be had - especially from foreign dealers who you otherwise wouldn’t have seen in the UK.
  19. Hi, Recently acquired this. It’s a 1953 dated hood for the sateen combat smock, but with some DPM material stitched over the top. The DPM is a waterproof nylon (?) material, not sateen or polycotton. The hood appears to be unissued and the stitching has been done very neatly. Has anyone seen another like it? Presumably it was intended to be used with a DPM P60 smock or a P68 smock. My initial guess is that it’s some sort of commercial conversion using old surplus hoods. Cheers, Mark
  20. FYI. Silvermans have reduced the prices on their stock of 75 PLCE: https://www.silvermans.co.uk/collections/rucksacks-load-carrying/Webbing+1972-Pattern Although by their pricing standards, that's not saying much...
  21. A standard part of the first PLCE set AFAIK. Later issued in DPM with a subdued Red Cross symbol on it. There was also a larger OG medical pack that attached to the side of the bergan.
  22. Discussed before and they’re a bit of an oddity:
  23. Test assembly. The only things that aren’t original are the paint and the bolts. I think I am going to have to improvise a lookalike crown pad out of a suitable black foam rubber.
  24. Thanks for the comments. I am quite pleased with how it’s turned out. It so happens I have just sourced some original chinstrap attachment loops which will be an improvement on the slightly crude repros I was previously going to use. Hopefully I’ll eventually bump into some original bolts to go with them.
  25. There was also a trials bottle and mug prior to the P58 that was not adopted: http://www.karkeeweb.com/patterns/1958/components/equipment/equipment_water_bottles.html
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