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Tornado Jet anyone........!


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Its been a while but I worked on that jet many moons ago. It used to be a 43 Sqn jet, then 56R and then it was the Hangar Queen for many years. I see its missing many of the parts but its pretty complete compared to the normal stuff sold off. I'd forgotten how old school it is compared to the Typhoon, the Mk10 EJ seats are vintage now, although they need a good 'Seat tidy', they would never have been left like that in service!

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Hey Chris...I'm guessing you went through RAF Halton then ?..

.....what year I wondered? . If it was around 1985ish .....maybe you'd maybe recall some fellas 'draftproofing' the hangars? .nobody laugh now:cool2: ..

Yes ...I was one of those chaps.......about 8 weeks up there living in a portacabin behind one of the hangars attempting the herculean task of exactly that job.......We had to screw big versions of the usual door draft excluding 'brush strips' to the bottom and tops of all the hangar doors..... messing about on the top of a tower scaffold or kneeling on those concrete floors !.....

What I do recall is all the examples of various aircraft and helicopters there for the apprentices to work on ..what would have happened to all of those because they'd be well out of date these days ?

One Sergeant we chatted to every other day reckoned they were in the best condition of any plane in the RAF seeing as all that ever happened to them was, they got stripped down and rebuilt every few months! :D

Also recall as 'contractors' we were allowed to buy meal tickets for the other ranks mess........beautiful food too ! and at (I think it was ) about 25p for breakfast and 35p for an evening meal....then into the Sergeants Mess to play Snooker for the evening :laugh:

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