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Another new club house (no really)

Great War truck

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As some of you will know, we (the North Oxfordshire & cotswolds MVT) meet every Month in a brewery. We have now been offered another club house which is something quite special:








Landing strip






Great shed





Checking the roof for leaks






The place was heading for dereliction but a parachuting club moved in and spent quite a lot of money on updating the premises. Sadly, due to complaints about the noise they had to vacate the premises and it has been sitting empty for nearly 20 years. We went in today to tidy the place up and have a good look around. While some did a spot of cutting back the undergrowth others cleaned the path and the recognition marker. Our electrician checked all the electrics. I was on mop duty starting from the top down. I am sure my shouts of "Oi, i just cleaned that bit" were heard from miles around.


Upstairs there is a kitchen, bar (empty), toilets, showers. Downstairs numerous storage rooms. Outside a grass landing strip, pill box and some hangars (which we dont have access to, currently being used for storing farming equipment)


It is potentially a fabulous location. Problem is we all ready have a brewery! What do we do?

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A great idea. "Pipe line under the Cotswolds" or PLUTC. Poor barman. Imagine pulling a pint with a 20 mile pipe.


Anyway, yes you are all right. We cant possibly give up our brewery home, but in the Summer Months a trip out and camp over at the airfield would be ideal.


We have our end of season event there next weekend. Hopefully we also have a fly in with an Auster and Piper Cub assuming the weather is agreeable. I will let you know how we get on.



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