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Hello from West Sussex

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Reo 007.jpg

This was taken the day i picked it up, hadnt been out of the guys garden for over 3 yrs, wouldnt tick over, was just horrible to drive. as time has gone by got used to driving it and never fails to make me smile. since been repainted.


While on holiday in dorset last week, on a wet dull day, i bought this... picking it up this saturday... cant wait, its been a very slow week so far. Also comes with a living van.

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Hello & welcome - cant re-iterate the previous threads enough - come on over to Arundle,Ist Tuesday of the month and join us in the West Sussex Area of the MVT - That would bring our tally of REO'S up to 4 ! - Great social scene and always worth getting to know other owners who can advise and help out etc.....

Ive got a feeling ive seen your beastie at Northcahaple a few weeks back........Been a bit of a scrappy season weather-wise but already Looking forward to putting the world to rights around the campfire again next season !

Andy (Jemima.....But only on a Wednesday!)

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