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  1. Mine runs at the same - but then I have a brand new rad and the entire engine was flushed through and so cooling is very efficient - to be honest im more than happy if it runs cooler - I've never had to worry about over-heating even when pushed hard and then stationary - the temp gauge never really moves......if your concerned - many of the Norwegian GMCs had a roller blind retro fitted to the front rad - although be careful if you do limit the airflow that you don't forget and then go the other extream and have a boil-up!
  2. Calling all GMC CCKW Workshop owners - I've just set up a Facebook page dedicated to these fantastic vehicles - (GMC CCKW Workshops) covering both wartime and post-war Swiss bodied variants . Anyone with photos, knowledge, spares or just an interest is most welcome to join and post away ! - please share any old photos or experience's you may have for this hidden gem of the GMC World ! ST6 .docx
  3. I don't recall that - but I guess its one of the joys of owning the bigger vehicles - they are a bigger pain when they go wrong ! Ha Ha
  4. Yes! - to my cost - may years ago I had to use recovery for my the GMC and trailer - although there was no quibble regarding the GMC....they would not take my trailer as they didn't have the appropriate hitch for it and it would have required an additional recovery truck as my GMC filled the one they sent - eventually a mate recovered the trailer for me but be aware if you are towing anything - many will not recover the towed item - always check with your insurers - better to ask the question now than when stranded at the roadside - as for which company to recommend - there's no definitive ans
  5. Its easy enough to identify if it was a workshop - there were two additional strengthening strips attached to the chassis rails as early testing of the Workshops with a load resulted in the chassis bending just behind the cab mounts....where is the spare wheel located? - if its on the opposite side to the fuel tank / forward position under the chassis and is in a drop down cradle then it would also point towards a workshop variant as the cab and chassis were unique and different to any of the other GMC CCKW variants. first picture shows the location and look of the workshop spare wheel ca
  6. My concerns regarding this argument are : A) - The driver if and when they fall foul of the law and the ramifications of in effect driving a vehicle without valid insurance - as rightly stated - driving a vehicle that is not registered or plated to carry loads is an offence and as such would make any insurance null and void - thus giving the authorities the power to seize and crush the vehicle if they wish - and they very often do.. B) - Anyone unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident with this vehicle - there will be no insurance for either party - and if an MVT member - PPL

    LSV 996

    Oh well..... - If anyone has a Munga and discovered it was previously sand coloured and painted Africa Corp (don't ask....it was a long time ago and I was young and green to the hobby....) from memory the engine was brightly painted and it sat on Landrover tyres and had various "desert" bits of kit strapped to it - anyway - if anyone recognises this vehicle - please get in touch...

    LSV 996

    Does anyone now own or know the wear-a-bouts of LSV 996 ? - I have some history of the vehicle I would love to pass on including a magazine article it featured in - it was my first Military vehicle that got me into the hobby and I often wonder what became of her......
  9. Ha Ha - it certainly belts out the music when you crank it up ! - only period music though of course.....the neighbours get a little upset when its" fire starter" by the prodigy or "smack my bitch up"....they much prefer some Glenn Miller or Andrews sisters at 2 am in the morning ! Ha Ha ! Thanks for the kind comments about the truck - she turned out just as I wanted her to - mechanically and all the tinwork are all thanks to Mike and the Boys at Green Barn Services.
  10. I just want to recommend and Thank Mike Gillman and the boys at Green Barn Services for the fantastic work they have dome on my truck - those of you who have followed the progress on the CCKW Facebook page or the West Sussex Military Vehicle Conservation Group pages will be aware of how much work has gone into "Gracie-Mae" - but for those of you who haven't - about 12 months ago I presented Mike with a very sorry looking truck that I had fallen in love with......After discussing what needed to be done and agreeing a plan of action, Mike and the boys converted to a 12v system which included an
  11. Having an 8 yr old im used to watching tv programs together...as I am sure many of you are...Fireman Sam, Thomas the Tank Engine and Thunderbirds to name a few - but we know they arnt real...make believe...targeted for kids.... but his latest big watch...Combat Dealers....WOW! - Really ?...and this is for adults...with intelligence ? - tonight's episode " These SAS guys would be travelling at 65 mph in an open topped jeep at night" - really Bruce ? - on Sand...in the dark....in a jeep....65 mph ?...Wow! - and these are the vehicles that carried all that extra kit, and supplies......they
  12. As the West Sussex Area Secretary (MVT) I was notified by one of my members who spotted this "jeep" for sale at a local classic car dealership - after chatting to the sales team he contacted me where-upon I also spoke with the garage - unfortunately despite my reassurances that I wasn't a potential buyer or indeed wanted to get a better deal for a friend - they refused to listen to my concerns - adamant that I was trying to merely knock the price down significantly.(if you check out the West Sussex Military Vehicle Conservation Group Facebook page you will see more https://www.facebook.com/g
  13. Im looking for vehicles that would have been seen on airfields during ww2 for this years Goodwood revival - whereabouts in the country are you ? - is West Sussex to far ?
  14. Have a word with Mike Gillman (TootalllMike / Green Barn Services) - he's in Copthorne , Sussex / Surrey Border and used a company near him to re-build mine on my Jimmy...
  15. Ha Ha - Can you imagine the red ball express grinding to a halt because the lead driver had bust his hours and needed his break - different times and different needs !
  16. another option ive just thought about is one of those cheap shead alwarms - simple stick on contact switch / magnet type of elctro contact - arm remotely and hey presto - the moment the door is opend the alarm goes off - all battery operated and you can buy them for under £20 - and no drilling into the bodywork....worth a thought.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wireless-PIR-Motion-Sensor-Alarm-With-2-Remote-Controllers-For-Home-Shed-Caravan/301943452927?epid=1267114048&hash=item464d3b74ff:g:CGcAAOSwNmVab~vt https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Battery-operated-window-door-house-alarm-set-bu
  17. send me the details to andy.kyte@bt.com - I will add it to our websites and do my best to promote it for you - we have our club night tomorrow night so ideal chance to publicise your show !
  18. I guess the simple answer is how well do you want to secure the vehicle - given a window smash and in is probably the way a crook would go if they really wanted in - my thoughts were just a simple "keep the public" out at shows and give some very basic security to the cab - its almost impossible to make a vehicle of these type and age really secure - often instead people opt to immobilise, but if you wish to keep personal items in the cab or just want to stop people opening the door - this is a simple and cheap way to do it....
  19. British WW2 Humber Heavy Utilities have a very similar lock - although they would be like hens teeth to locate....but surely classic car door lock / handle suppliers must have something similar ?.. ive just had a really quick look and found this on e-bay : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Car-Door-Locking-Handle-With-Keys/253425195592?hash=item3b01519a48:g:KOAAAOSwg31agw7k
  20. This is something I myself was wondering - I have seen additional deadbolt type locks fitted that operate much like the locks you use on internal doors - you have a star shaped key that turns a dead bolt into the door frame - its completely separate from the door handle and is a stand alone hole approx. 5 mm in circumference ....still looking into alternatives myself but im sure between us and with the help of the forum we will get there!! This is what im thinking of.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DOOR-RACK-BOLTS-Dead-Bolt-Lock-Star-Key-Wind-Out-Chubb-Type-NICKEL-BRASS-WHITE/18234275
  21. With some toughened glass that would make a great coffee table....... fantastic, well done mate...
  22. Does anybody know of anyone either producing new /replica decals to adorn a GMC engine ? - the decals that would adorn the air filter/Oil Filter regulator box etc. etc..... I've been on the internet and have found a chap who sells really nice looking sets for jeep engines - but nothing for GMC's......
  23. JEMIMA


    I purchased a book all about the red ball express during ww2 - to find a picture of a convoy of Reos in there as well - don't you just love researchers !!!!
  24. Many thanks for the links - I've sent them both an e-mail - will let you know what the response is !
  25. Yes - it seemed a good idea at the time - im sure I will get there in the end - but it never hurts to ask for help and advice! - I've trawled through hundreds and hundreds of photographs and various sites and can find nothing more about this vehicle - I found out about the airfield, its name, its usage and history - and I've found out lots about the USO program - but this is a mystery !!
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