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double cab?


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At first i thought it was an FWD, but the front doors dont match up..

ref- Desert Classics http://www.desertclassics.com/FWD504x4.html


After looking through my copy of TM 9-2800, I believe this to be a GMC model 256. The only truck that matches the front doors, grille AND headlights. The closest standard vehicle that matches is the 'Truck, Searchlight, COE...' but that appears to have a double cab with only front doors, and has the big ol' stake bed and 6x4 config. Another possible match is the Chevy model BVA-1001 up, as the Chevy is 4x4, like the one in the picture, but the grille and headlights are all wrong. I am compleatly unfamilier with the hoist model.

It could be a vehicle ordered specifically for the USAAC..

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The GMC searchlight truck does have a door into the 'sleeper' cab on the passenger side but it is different to the door shown on the cab pictured, I can't find a reference to the this truck in any of my books and wonder if it was something made up by the mechanics on the airfield.

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Does anyone else think it looks liek the back half of the cab extends out to the side more than the front.

Also it looks like there is a small window between the 2 doors.


Is it possible that thiswas a french vehicle that was absormed by the germans, then reabsorbed by the americans?



I found this picture of another 4x4 GMC cabover, atleast proves there was more than one.


from http://www.mycity-military.com/Neborbena-vozila/Vojni-kamioni_19.html


and this one, its a 1939 GMC crewcab cabover. this one is a firetruck. but it has the right ammount of doors and wheels that it might be the same base model

GMC 'Big Jimmy' Fire Truck CDF - 1939

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